Thursday, January 11, 2018

An unexpected interlude

During my two week break from work over Christmas New Year I took the time to go and do my six weekly shop.  All good and lots of bargains, so the freezer got stocked with meat, bread etc
Today, barely two weeks later, I go to said freezer and.....oh woe is me!  The freezer has broken.  It is kaput.  Every item inside is no longer frozen and all is a soggy mess.   So tonight instead of a brisk 5km walk in the cool twilight, I am in the heat clearing out the mess.

And today the DBEM was far from well and went spent four and a half hours at the emergency department with a side trip to the radiology unit.  Home again now but not with a totally satisfactory diagnosis.

So no photos tonight - this is merely to record the minutiae of life chez moi.

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