Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Arabian Nights Progress Report 1

This new year I have decided that while I love hardanger and I like cross stitch surface embroidery and I will never have such an intimate relationship.
Nevertheless, Arabian Nights is progressing.   I started off using the floss ply as per the "recipe" but it was too thick for my liking and difficult to keep an even tension on four separate strands.   So I reversed myself out of the corner, made my own decision and am much happier now.
While the transfer survived 45 years on paper, I doubted that it would wear so well when transferred to the fabric so have folded up the bottom and am working from the top down. 
Although I say that I don't enjoy surface embroidery as much it is fun learning the different stitches even if I do have to hunt out my old stitch dictionary for assistance.   So far pricked finger tips, strained eyesight and less than 100% enthusiasm have produced this. (Excuse the poor photography)

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