Saturday, January 20, 2018

Hardanger Anonymous

My name is Margaret and I am a hardanger addict.
There I have said it!  What was to be a short therapy break from free style embroidery on Arabian Nights has turned out to be a "let's get this project completed" full on episode. 
I see that I have photographed the wrong side of the second piece (top of photo).   Apologies.  It is hot and sticky and I am tired and cranky so am not going to take another photo. 

The first side is complete and while debating whether or not to do both sides of the bag or leave one plain linen fabric,  I stitched the handles.  Then having got that far -  I told myself 'well I may as well complete this one'.   And another inner debate. What colour should I put behind the lace 'windows' to best show the stitching.   I wear only blue in all shades from cobalt to navy during the summer and this is definitely a summer bag.   Could either of those work?  I have fabric suitable for either in my stash so may toss a coin when the time comes:-)   I'm in full hardanger mode at present and unfortunately am already dreaming of the next hardanger project.   Oh dear.   The DBEM says I need to get Arabian Nights finished while I still have good eyesight!

The DBEM isn't very well at present and we are gaining frequent flyer points at the medical centres around town.   But each night I go out for a long walk to clear my head, aid my fitness and shed some of the Christmas calories.   The mileage is going up - 73 kilometres so far this month - and the scales are going down so I'm happy. 

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